Tuesday, 22 October 2013


I'm taking my study from the bible and the book of Acts chapter 10.
Whatever God makes is beautiful in his eyes and as the ultimate judge his declaration stands. Can you believe that apostle Paul needed God to convince him that he is the only one who can change any situation and circumstance. He wants us like Peter to accept and obey every given word.
God consistently and constantly spoke with peter on a number of occasions indirectly about valuing people of other races. God created them too and loves them equally.

Cornelius was a Roman guard with a difference. He was god fearing,righteous and devout man after God's heart without even knowing. It is said that the then chosen people of God the Jews respected him. Now who can earn that much respect if he or she does not possess the qualities mentioned about Cornelius.

Cornelius had the fear of God in him. It differentiated him. It separated him from other Roman soldiers in his time. It listed him as a man that others had profound respect for and possibly did things that they would not normally do for him or his colleagues.

Yeah he was RESPECTED! Having the fear of God and being righteous in him ignites the fire of respect in man towards you setting you above all.
The laws of Man are overruled when God steps in to your case as the chief of defense. Acts 10:27-29.
God does not show favoritism.Anyone anywhere who fears him and does what is right in his sight he accepts unto himself.